You can be legally married before your ceremony if you want

by Apr 16, 2019

Being legally married and your ceremony are actually two separate things. In the vast majority of cases they are done at the same time. You have a ceremony during which the Marriage Officer includes the legal things he or she is required to say and immediately after you sign the register. 

They can be done separately if you so choose. You can take care of the legal bit before your ceremony or after. This can be done at home or any venue of your choosing. There are several reasons you may want to do this. Some that we have encountered include: 

  1. You’re planning to immigrate and being married is a needed as part of the process. Even though you have a large ceremony planned for 6 months time you need to go through the immigration process now. 
  2. You’ve been together for many years and you’ve planned a big celebration but you’re buying a house or you need to add your spouse to the your medical aid or similar you want to get married now. 
  3. Perhaps you’ve asked a close friend to perform the ceremony but you need to make it legal beforehand so a Marriage Officer is needed a day or two before. 
  4. You’re having a religious ceremony but the priest or rabbi or religious leader is not a registered Marriage Officer
  5. In one amusing case a couple were concerned about a particular family member raising an objection on the day so they wanted to be sure they were legally married already, in case this happened. You’ll be pleased to know it didn’t. 

Whatever the reason you may find that this option is right for you. 

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