Same-sex Weddings

We are all registered Civil Union (same-sex) Marriage Officers

Same Sex Wedding Registrations & Ceremonies

From large formal weddings to a simple registration at our offices or at your home, you’re at the right place.

It is almost silly that we have to have a special category of service for same sex weddings. But, such is the nature of the world – change happens gradually!

Having said that the majority of people who attend a same sex wedding have never seen one before and there is often a strange curiosity about what will happen. Once it’s over the most regular comment is “oh, so it’s a wedding”. Of course it is!

Licensed Marriage Officers

All of our Marriage Officers are licensed to perform same sex weddings. The reality is everything you read on this website about weddings is true of all the weddings we perform, gay or straight!

Between all our Marriage Officers we have performed over 100 gay & lesbian weddings which means we have the experience to make yours exceptional. Get in touch and let’s get started!

Ryan Hogarth is by far the most eloquent and well spoken marriage officer we have ever had the privilege of meeting. His kindness, genuine care for others and understanding that love is something so special and rare, became abundantly clear to both of us. His ability to get to know you on a personal level and remember such wonderful details about you, as a couple, makes him incredible on the day. Every single guest fell in love with him during the ceremony and spoke non stop about how his personal touch elevated the wedding and their spirits. He was one of the most spoken about aspects of our wedding day, which proves his incredible value, not only as a marriage officer, but as a person. 

Zavion and John


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