Why Use a Professional Master of Ceremony for Your Wedding?

by Mar 18, 2022

Who Should Be Your Wedding MC?

One of those role’s is the Master of Ceremony and generally this is given to the family member or friend that is most likely to be funny and doesn’t mind talking in front of a crowd.

Should I Hire A Professional Master of Ceremonies?

There is a growing modern trend to hire a professional. There are some very good reasons to consider doing the same.

First up, it is worth considering what the role of the Master of Ceremony is and why it is important. Your wedding day is an 8-10 hour event that is part formal event and part celebration. All together they are a really important day in anyone’s life.

The Master of Ceremony ties all of this together to help make it the perfect day. The MC is the host, the Communicator, the central point of coordination, the advisor. A professional understands the importance of being central while keeping the happy couple the focus of attention.

What Does An MC Actually Do On The Day?

Plans on the day will always change, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. A true Master of Ceremony thinks on their feet to seamlessly deal with changes and issue as they arise.

There are a couple of difficulties in asking a family member or friend to take on the role: First, as much as it is an honour to be asked, you are asking that person to work on your wedding day. Being the MC is work and done properly it’s a lot of work. Secondly, because they also want to be a part of the celebrations, they will be drinking and partying and who knows how an evening  can end when you combine drinking with a microphone!

At every wedding things happen, emotions run high. The Master of Ceremony thinks on his feet and keeps it all smooth.

Choosing the right person to be your MC can be as important as selecting your venue. He keeps your guests engaged, provides information and works with the Planner to control scheduled events for the day.

The MC is generally responsible for greeting guests upon arrival; making sure guests are seated prior to bridal party entrance; introducing bridal party (pronouncing all names correctly); introducing bride and groom; facilitating entertaining activities (speeches, couple’s first dance, cake cutting etc.); ensuring the reception runs smoothly by keeping track of time and schedule

You want an MC who is not boring, who is responsible and able to take control of any situation and who is funny and can think on his feet; is a good communicator; someone you get on with; is confident and who is organised.

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