We are not religious but our family are, how do we cater for this?

by May 10, 2019

A growing number of people are not religious and are looking for a wedding ceremony that will celebrate their love specifically rather than have a focus on religion. In some circumstances, even though you may not be religious, perhaps your family are and you feel it is important that they not feel alienated in any way by having a completely non-religious wedding ceremony. 

Fortunately this is far easier to navigate that you might assume. Firstly, it is my experience that people attending a wedding, even close family, are far more open minded and tolerant than everyone realises. There mere fact that the ceremony is not taking place in a church indicates that this will not be a religion focused affair. Further, religious people will draw religious meaning from what they experience. Despite a ceremony that does not specifically mention god or specific religious wording there is meaning to be found there. 

Finally, catering to the religious needs of family may be as simple as including a short prayer or reading. This can be done by the Marriage Officer or perhaps a close friend or family member. After 1500 weddings I can safely say that this has worked very well in all circumstances where it has been required. 

Your Marriage Officer can take you though options for this but do not feel anxious about this. It is not difficult and it need not be an issue on the day.

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