Questions you should ask your Marriage Officer

by Apr 17, 2019

When meeting your potential Marriage Officer (or Officiant) for the first time you will feel like there are a lot questions you should be asking. The ceremony is an important part of the day but it is actually least complicated so there are probably not as many questions to ask as you think. 

However, from my experience these are the questions you should ask: 

  1. Is she properly registered with Home Affairs as a Marriage Officer and can you have a copy of their designation letter? 
  2. Is he or she willing to collaborate on the content of the ceremony? 
  3. What will he wear on the day?
  4. What time will she arrive on the day? 
  5. How long is the ceremony and can you determine its length? 
  6. Will he or she include or exclude religious content according to your wishes? 
  7. What is her view of a rehearsal? 
  8. What is the plan should he get ill on the day? 
  9. When will she submit all documentation to Home Affairs (this should be done within 3 days of your wedding)? 
  10. What experience does he have i.e. how many weddings has he done as does he have testimonials of past weddings? 

In the process of asking these questions you will get a very good sense of whether or nor he or she is a good fit for you. Remember, it is your wedding and you should have broad say (with guidance and advice from the Marriage Officer) on what happens with your ceremony on the day. Your Marriage Officer is a supplier but unlike every other supplier their service is intimate so above all you should feel really comfortable with this person standing in front of everyone talking about you and your marriage. 

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