What is a “non-denominational” wedding?

by Apr 15, 2019

While looking for a Marriage Officer you may have come across the term “non-denominational” and perhaps you’re not sure what this actually means. 

Typically, which is to say historically, when you got married you went to the priest/rabbi/pastor of your church. You got married within your “denomination”. That is, within your variety of religion. 

However, a person might identify as Christian but not specifically Catholic or Anglican or Methodist. Similarly someone may be Jewish but not necessarily Orthodox or Non-Orthodox. Thus the idea of a “non-denominational” wedding ceremony came to be. So while still religious it is not of any specific denomination within that religion.

The term is often used by people who are seeking a non-religious wedding. In this case this would be a non-religious ceremony rather than non-denominational.

Many religious Marriage Officers will offer to do non-denominational or non-religious ceremonies. But also, many will not. So be sure to ask. 

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