What are the duties of a Marriage Officer?

by Apr 18, 2019

Keep in mind that opinions of what constitutes Marriage Officer “duties” may well differ from person to person. But this does include the non-negotiables. This list is based on my 19 years as a Marriage Officer who has presided at over 1500 weddings. 

The legal stuff

  1. Collect all required documentation from wedding couple: ID copies, ID photo, divorce decree and witness IDs. 
  2. Verify that couples have fulfilled requirements to be married: Age, marital status, resident status if a foreigner, etc. 
  3. Complete the register as required with all information and see to it that it is signed by the couple as well as their 2 witnesses and signing it himself. 
  4. Complete the a Marriage Certificate and provide this to the couple immediately on signing of the register. 
  5. Submit the register and all accompanying documentation to Home Affairs and verify that they have registered the marriage. 
  6. If there is any issue with registering he or she is to complete what is necessary and it is registered. 
  7. Advise couples on any delays or problems with registration and how they will be resolved. 


  1. Meet with the couple and discuss their ceremony needs. Advise and guide until a suitable ceremony has been planned. 
  2. Take calls and/or emails or meetings to be sure all questions are answered and the couple are comfortable with what will happen on the day. 
  3. Dress appropriately for the occasion and any requirements stipulated by couples. 
  4. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the ceremony. Check with with the venue and DJ and coordinate as needed. 
  5. Deliver an outstanding ceremony according to a couples wishes and directions! 
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