Home Affairs Interview Process for Foreign Nationals

by Apr 30, 2022

What Is The Process To Get Married To A Foreign National?

When a South African marries are foreign national an interview with Immigration at Home Affairs is required.  This regulation was introduced about 3 years ago. The reason this was introduced was to prevent “marriages of convenience” where the foreign national is attempting to obtain South African residency.

Every Home Affairs Office treats this process slightly differently which can make it confusing and frustrating. I would advise you get assistance with the process from your Marriage Officer.

Having said that the process is as follows:

  1. Documents required: Copy of the South African ID. Copy of Foreign National Passport picture page and visa page. Letter of Non-Impediment for foreign national (document stating he/she is not already married in their home country).
  2. Make an appointment for the interview. This usually requires that one of the couple attend home affairs in person. However some Marriage Officers have a good enough relationship with their office that they can make the appointment on your behalf. This is especially helpful in cases where the couple in question live abroad.
  3. Attend the interview

Home Affairs Marriage Interview

The interview itself takes about 20 minutes, although you will probably have to wait up to an hour for the interview, even when you show up at the scheduled time. The interview must be attended by both of you. You will be interviewed separately and asked a series of questions relating to your relationship. This might include when you started dating, where you live, the contents of the house, places you’ve visited together. These questions are intended to establish that the relationship is genuine. They are not onerous and in 3 years we have never had a couple that was refused so you need not worry about this. It’s just a time consuming bureaucratic frustration.

If you have any questions about the process we would be glad to assist.

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