All Marriage Officers Are Not Equal

by May 14, 2019

Not All Marriage Officers Are The Same

Marriage Officers are different. While we are all subject the law and it’s requirements, how those rules are interpreted and how we go about the process can be very different. This is why you must find the person that is right for you. As with many professions Marriage Officers are, at present, still mostly male but the number of woman is growing all the time. Here are some of the most common types of Marriage Officer

The Religious Traditionalist: A practicing minister, pastor or rabbi who insist on religious content and are generally inflexible about venue and style. If you are very religious yourself and regularly attend church, this is the person that is most likely to be right for you. In most cases such marriage officers will not perform gay weddings.

The Religious Moderate: A religious minister who is willing to perform “non-denominational” type weddings where you have more say in the content and will possibly perform gay weddings.

The Moderate: Far more open minded marriage officer who will perform gay weddings and cater to the needs of the couple.

The Professional: Liberal in most senses and approaches their role at a wedding as a professional and understands and fully caters to the needs of the couple.


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